About this website...
This website is all about everything related to video games. Currently, the only one running this website is me, Muras (An alias of course). I am a fan of video games and love every aspect of them, from art to music to the design of levels, the stories that accompany the game and the characters within them. As of this writing, I am a graduate of Business School majoring in Marketing and am planning to attend university majoring in Computer Science, minoring in Japanese.

I'll be making regular posts to the main page on a variety of topics; Sometimes about game music, or art, game design and levels, programming, game consoles and PC gaming (And the operating systems that go with them), and even the business and economics of the video game industry.

So while this website is in some ways for me to just talk away some thoughts I have, I also hope to see comments from others and their thoughts in the forums. As this website grows and develops, I also hope to talk about game development as I learn and develop my own games, and hopefully teach others who're interested in game development.

What does the name mean...?
This website is about all games, of all genres, and about the people who play them; me and you. Each game is a world of it's own, and each player an individual with their paths crossing here.